History of the band

How we got to be the band we are today…in a nutshell

In April of 2010, drummer Chuck Watson (Sun Dogs) and vocalist Sean Moore, joined former Seven Car Pile Up guitarists CJ Drew and Skyler Rath, bassist Adam Canady and keyboardist Riley Mullins to form the rock outfit, Rattlebox, in Iowa City, IA.

Beginning with the band’s very first gig (at Iowa City’s classic venue, “the Mill”), Rattlebox has played to large, enthusiastic crowds fueled by their high-energy, guitar-driven rock.

In the summer of 2012, CJ, Skyler, Adam and Riley moved on to the next chapters of their lives…college.  As such, Rattlebox also had to start a new chapter.  They quickly added friend, and frequent collaborator, Jeremy McCollum (Mount Vernon) on guitar.  Veteran bassist Gabe Perez (Iowa City) was next to join in.  Lastly, they added Steve Hawtrey (Mount Vernon) to round out the guitar section. The transition enabled the band to broaden it’s musical direction, branching from it’s previous classic rock roots, to a more eclectic mix, heavily influenced by 90’s, 00’s, and current rock. During this period, the band’s popularity grew dramatically, playing venues throughout the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City area, as well as rock hot-spots in Southern and Northeastern Wisconsin.

Steve chose to leave the band at the end of 2013, to pursue his original music, and to front “Doing Nothing Almost Done.”  After Steve’s departure, the four-piece developed a new, clean, raw sound that had audiences rocking harder than ever before.

Gabe had the itch to move South in the summer of 2014. Way South…Miami South.  He was kind enough to give us plenty of notice.  Our search for Gabe’s replacement on bass turned up Dave Panos (Mount Vernon).  Dave joined Rattlebox prior to Gabe’s departure, which made the transition extremely smooth.

Rattlebox continues on as the edgy four piece…Now, with a twist.  Early 2015 they had heard that a local gal had quite a set of pipes, and was interested in joining them onstage.  The guys toyed with the idea, and decided to give it a try.  Enter, Devon Olberding (Mount Vernon). It was a great decision…Devon’s got an amazing voice.  Devon joins us on stage whenever she can find a sitter.  We dig having her at our practices and shows.

Four guys and a chick serving up rock in Eastern Iowa.  Nuts, covered in a rock coated shell…

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